Wychavon District Council

District Councils are sub-divisions within the County Councils.  Our District Council is Wychavon. The district covers 664km2 of the southern and eastern part of the County of Worcestershire and is the largest of the six Worcestershire districts.  With a population of 116,900, the area is made up of the three towns of Droitwich Spa, Evesham and Pershore, and nearly 100 villages and hamlets.

Headquarters are at the Civic Centre in Pershore.  There are also Community Contact Centres in Droitwich, where residents can access district and Worcestershire County Council services, and at Evesham, where this access is further enhanced with Job Centre Plus and Police services under one roof.

The District Council is responsible for Council Tax, bin collections and has many other responsibilities. The Wychavon responsibility most likely to affect our residents directly is PLANNING.  Whether you are building something yourself or are affected by someone else’s project, Wychavon is the responsible body and you need to contact them.  It is helpful if you also contact Badsey and Aldington Parish Council, as the Council is very mindful of residents’ views when it comments on applications.  The Parish Council is always consulted by Wychavon on planning within the Parish.

District Councillors are elected every FOUR years for each Ward within the District of Wychavon.  The next elections to the District Council will be in May 2027. Our District Councillor since May 2023 is Philippa Capel (Conservative Party) and she attends Parish Council meetings whenever she is able to do so.

Philippa writes: “I stood as a candidate to represent Badsey and Aldington Ward as a District Councillor from a Conservative perspective to offer choice. My approach to the role and to supporting the local community has been influenced by my profession, a Chartered Psychologist, and many years of working in the local NHS Trust solidifying my view on the importance of community. I was born and brought up in Oxfordshire, I have lived in Worcestershire since 2008 and Wychavon since 2015. During this time I have been actively involved in sporting and charitable organisations. It is a wonderful place to live and benefits enormously from the community initiatives and thriving employment. My drive is to represent and champion the Ward at a District level, as well as guiding the wider District initiatives to continue to be an outstanding District in an ever-changing environment.”

For more detail about Wychavon District Council, go to: https://www.wychavon.gov.uk or click on the button below