What is a Parish Council?

The term “Parish Council” can be very confusing because many people associate the word “Parish” with either the Church of England or other churches.  In fact,  Parishes had their origins in the old Manorial System and were both civil and church bodies.  During the 19th century it became increasingly obvious that the Church of England parishes and the local government parishes should be separate and that the Civil Parishes should become the lowest tier of government and subject to the democratic process.  We are one of these Civil Parishes.  Badsey and Aldington Parish Council has no connection with the church, nor does it have any connection with any political parties.  

Every Civil Parish has a Parish Meeting, consisting of all the electors of the Parish.  This meeting is held annually.  Badsey and Aldington, a fairly large  Civil Parish, also has a Parish Council which is elected every four years.  Councillors are volunteers and unpaid, and the number of councillors is determined by the number of residents within the Civil Parish.

What does your Parish Council do?

  • Owns and operates the allotment gardens at Pear Tree Fields.
  • Owns and administers through the Clerk the Pear Tree Fields burial ground.
  • Holds in trust and maintains the Recreation Ground, Sands Lane.
  • Owns and maintains the footway lighting, play areas, bus shelters, noticeboards, dog bins, litter bins and some seating.
  • Consults with Wychavon District Council on local planning matters.
  • Acts as an information line and liaison between National Government, District and County Councils and other national/local bodies and the residents – from reporting potholes and overhanging vegetation to responding to requests for comments on Government policies.

What CAN the Parish Council do?

  • In short: a great deal, which is likely to increase with the passage of the Localism Bill into law.
  • Provide local facilities such as allotments, play spaces, burial ground.
  • Through new initiatives, purchase community assets and support social housing.

Who are your Parish Councillors?

  • There are 13 Councillors: 
  • 9 for the Badsey Ward, 1 each for Aldington, the Orchards, Blackminster and Bowers Hill.
  • They are all local residents who give their time voluntarily to help run the Parish.  The Council members normally do not have any affiliation to political parties.

What can you do?

  • Come to Parish Council meetings, which are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except August) in the Remembrance Hall at 7.30 p.m.  Help to shape the future development of the Parish.
  • Volunteer to join a working party on an area that interests you or in which you have special expertise e.g. play spaces, street lighting, funding opportunities.
  • Keep the Parish Council informed about your own group/association so the Council can forward relevant information to you.
  • Read the agendas and let the Council have your views on local issues.  Agendas are put on the noticeboards on the Thursday before each Council meeting and can also be downloaded from this website.  Each Council meeting starts with a public forum of 10 minutes at which residents may speak to the Council.  Any matter raised may be added to a future agenda to give Council members and other residents the opportunity to consider the matter, but it will not normally be discussed if it is not already on the agenda. During the meeting itself residents may stay to listen to the Council, but only elected councillors may participate in the meeting.  You can also write to/email/phone the Clerk or a Councillor with your comments.